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Biggest ‘Chucky’ season 2 predictions

With fall around the corner, there's no better time to discuss predictions for the upcoming season of 'Chucky.'
This article is over 2 years old and may contain outdated information

Don Mancini’s Chucky television series closed the curtains on its debut season with “An Affair to Dismember” on November 30, 2021. Running since October 12, Chucky released eight episodes overall, introducing newcomers Zachary Arthur, Björgvin Arnarson, Alyvia Alyn Lind and Teo Briones as Jake, Devon, Lexy and Junior, respectively. Chucky also welcomed back some familiar faces in Alex Vincent’s Andy Barclay, Christine Elise as Kyle, Fiona Dourif as Nica Pierce, Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany Valentine, and Brad Dourif as the voice of Chucky.

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Shortly after its finale episode aired, Chucky was renewed for another season. So far, we have an official poster, a rough estimation of fall 2022 as a release date, and confirmation that Jennifer Tilly will reprise her role as Tiffany Valentine. When we last left Chucky, Jake, Devon and Lexy had foiled Chucky’s plans to assemble an army of Good Guy dolls, Junior Wheeler — along with Kyle (allegedly) — had died, Nica Pierce had been kidnapped by Tiffany and had her limbs amputated, and the Tiffany doll had returned to take Andy Barclay hostage — driving a truckload of Good Guy dolls.

Now, as we draw nearer to fall 2022, the prospective release date, there’s no better time to discuss predictions for the upcoming season. Some of these predictions were taken from a Chucky subreddit, while others were hand-picked from We Got This Covered by fans for fans.

Andy Barclay Will Die

As much as no one wants this to happen, it most likely will happen. Andy Barclay has been “in the game,” so to speak, for quite some time. He has witnessed Chucky’s murderous rampages from the perspective of a six-year-old and now as a fully-grown man, making it possible that his chapter is coming to an end. In some respects, Andy may have exhausted his usefulness as a character within the Child’s Play universe. Needless to say, with the introduction of Jake, Devon and Lexy, the story seems to be more focused on its new arrivals. Andy can’t take a hit and keep on hitting forever, so the easiest “out” would be to kill him off. Sadly, Chucky fans can probably see this one coming, but that doesn’t make the prospect of Chucky without Andy any less hurtful. Alex Vincent has been pretty tight-lipped about Andy’s involvement in the Chucky series. Audiences were taken aback to discover that he would be returning at all, since many assumed that his time had passed. Still, Vincent is keeping his cards close to his chest, reluctant to disclose too many details.

Glen/Glenda Introduced

This one came straight from Reddit; Chucky fans are adamant that Glen/Glenda needs to return. There has been some speculation surrounding their arrival and the theories are quite creative. Some fans believe that Glen/Glenda possessed Jake’s teacher, Miss Fairchild — at some point in time — and has been leading an undercover life to reunite with their parents. This prediction seems to be the most probable of them all, especially since Don Mancini even teased Glen/Glenda’s appearance. Jennifer Tilly’s Tiffany briefly mentions Glen/Glenda by name in Chucky after procuring a homemade explosive device, which Glen/Glenda gifted to their mother in order to kill Andy Barclay. She says, “They have exquisite taste,” referring to her canonically genderfluid child, Glen/Glenda. It goes without saying, but introducing Glen/Glenda would certainly add fuel to the fire, so it would be a missed opportunity on Mancini’s part to not give the audience what they want.

Chucky/Tiffany Power Struggle/ Tiffany Turns Against Chucky

Tiffany often rebels against Chucky’s authority, claiming that he doesn’t appreciate her enough and takes her for granted, a theme highlighted in Bride of Chucky and revisited in Chucky. In Bride of Chucky, their disagreements lead to flat-out fist fights, but in Chucky, they escalate far enough for Tiffany to denounce her association with Chucky all-together. There are times where Tiffany seems complacent as Chucky’s right-hand woman, whereas other times, she finds the constant bickering and bossiness tiring. In the next season of Chucky, the current narrative cliffhanger with Chucky and Tiffany living apart suggests that the couple will endure a power struggle in which Tiffany attempts to take over Chucky’s operation and rid herself of him once and for all to take the reins herself. There is room for speculation within this point, since human-form Tiffany has declared her infatuation for Nica and wants nothing to do with Chucky, whereas doll-form Tiffany still seems to be doing his bidding. Perhaps Tiffany Valentine’s soul/personality has permanently split after spending so long in separate bodies.

One of the Main Characters Will Die

Chucky has lasted way too long without killing one of its main three: Jake, Devon or Lexy. It can be argued that Junior Wheeler counted as a main character, but in the grand scheme of things, not really. He served his purpose as a plot device and had his personal conflict of feeling ignored and overshadowed, but beyond that, Junior was no longer needed to drive the story forward. However, Jake, Devon, and Lexy are all constants in the Chucky universe and essential in their own ways. Jake and Devon are the openly gay couple that the audience is rooting for, whereas Lexy has completed her redemption arc and successfully became the bully-turned-best-friend of Jake. If either of them is going to die, we predict it will be Lexy. Don Mancini only recently made Lexy likeable, and once audiences get acquainted with her compassionate side, the most dramatic turning point would be to cruelly rip it away with an untimely death. On the other hand, Jake needs to be pushed over the edge to become as vengeful as Andy (and perhaps follow in his footsteps to kill Chucky), and for that to happen, Devon may need to die. In Devon’s loss, Jake would find the motivation to end Chucky’s reign of terror once and for all. The cards are in the air.

Kyle Isn’t Dead

This one is huge. There’s an old mantra in Hollywood cinema; if you never see a character die on-screen (or at least see the dead body), then chances are, they didn’t die. Chucky gives Kyle, Andy’s foster sister, a gruesome send-off after Tiffany rigs her hideout to explode when intruders enter. Obviously, Kyle goes looking for Andy — and fishes out her superhero cape to rescue Devon — but instead meets an explosive end when Tiffany’s homemade bomb blows her to pieces. Allegedly. Again, we never saw Kyle die on-screen — only in an establishing shot that emphasises the radius of the explosion — and no one ever finds, nor mentions, her dead body. Don Mancini loves his sick twists and turns in the Child’s Play franchise and this occurrence would be no exception. Perhaps Andy and Kyle have a dramatic reunion and then one of them dies? Maybe neither of them will? Who knows what’s going on in Don Mancini’s head?

Tiffany Will Die (for Real This Time)

This may be far-fetched, but similar to Andy Barclay, Jennifer Tilly’s Tiffany Valentine has been around for years. She has survived countless deaths, resurrected herself as dolls and other people and who only knows what else. She could be nearing her final curtain call, even if that is precisely the last thing that Chucky fans want. Mancini could be weighing his options here; television shows, regardless of the context, often kill an important or favorable character, even if it goes against what the loyal fans want. Tilly has remained enthusiastic about Tiffany, so that could either be a cover-up for her impending death or it could simply mean that Tiffany will live on and Tilly is excited to keep reprising the role. Predictions of her impending demise may be a red herring — only time will tell. One thing is for certain, Chucky fans would be heartbroken to lose Tiffany just as much as if it were Andy, so Don Mancini needs to play his cards very carefully. Tiffany Valentine’s death could either be shocking and mournful or spark total chaos — and not the fun kind..

Tiffany Transfers Nica’s Soul Into a New Body

At this stage, what else could realistically happen to Nica Pierce? She still has the soul of Charles Lee Ray inside of her, which takes over at any given moment, and she has no limbs. There are only so many directions that Mancini can take this. At some stage, either Nica or Tiffany will transfer Nica’s soul into another body. That “other body” could either be human or doll, depending on the narrative direction Mancini decides to take. Fiona Dourif seems thrilled to be bringing Nica back, so it would be a real shame and awfully cliché to have Nica die. She is as much a fan favorite as Andy or Tiffany, and if there is one thing Don Mancini does well, it is appealing to his cult fanbase.

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