DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2 Blu-Ray Release Date And Featurettes Revealed

Legends of Tomorrow

Although DC’s Legends of Tomorrow certainly won over many viewers with its first season, it could be argued that it really started to live up to its potential in the second. Sure, Vandal Savage certainly made for a formidable adversary and it was cool to see the time traveling series utilize beloved characters such as Jonah Hex, but seeing as how this is a team-up show, it only made sense that a cadre of villains unite to confound the Waverider crew.

We are, of course, speaking of the Legion of Doom. No, it wasn’t quite the eclectic cabal you might remember from the old Super Friends cartoons, but rather, a lineup that better fit with what the Arrowverse had already established: the Reverse-Flash, Malcolm Merlyn, Damien Darhk and Captain Cold. And, should you be remotely familiar with this world, you’d know how fearsome the guys making up that lot are individually, let alone as a group.

It’s with that we’re pleased to say that on August 15 you’ll be able to relive the adventure all over again – or experience it for the first time when the second season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow arrives on Blu-ray and DVD. As expected, some interesting bonus features are set to be included, which can be found below along with a complete list of episodes:

· DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: 2016 Comic-Con Panel
· Allied: The Invasion Complex (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow)
· Deleted Scenes
· Gag-Reel


1. Out of Time
2. The Justice Society of America
3. Shogun
4. Abominations
5. Compromised
6. Outlaw Country
7. Invasion!
8. The Chicago Way
9. Raiders of the Lost Art
10. The Legion of Doom
11. Turncoat
12. Camelot/3000
13. Land of the Lost
14. Moonshot
15. Fellowship of the Spear
16. Doomworld
17. Aruba


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