Disney Plus Adds Loki Collection To Hype Upcoming Series


In just ten days, Tom Hiddleston will finally take top billing in a Marvel Cinematic Universe project in his seventh appearance as part of the franchise when Loki premieres on Disney Plus. Obviously, over the last thirteen years, the MCU hasn’t been big on the idea of making its villains the centerpiece of the narrative, although you could put forth the argument that Avengers: Infinity War was Thanos’ movie. Still, Hiddleston’s Asgardian trickster has the sort of popularity that can’t be denied.

Ever since making his debut a decade ago opposite Chris Hemsworth in Thor, the actor has become arguably the single most beloved supporting player in MCU history, an impressive achievement for a character that’s never to be trusted under any circumstances and is always looking out for nobody but himself, frequently indulging in backstabbings and betrayals to get what he wants.

To hype the impending release of the six-episode miniseries bearing his name, Disney Plus has now added the Loki Collection, which unsurprisingly covers his six feature film outings to date in the Thor trilogy and three of the four Avengers epics. Fans might not want to watch him meet his demise at the hands of the Mad Titan again, but at least one movie later he’s escaping from the 2012 version of New York with the Tesseract in tow, conveniently setting him up to run afoul of the Time Variance Authority and Owen Wilson’s Mobius M. Mobius.

Based on all the footage we’ve seen so far, Loki is shaping up to be yet another home run for the MCU’s episodic expansion, provided it can be the first one to actually stick the landing and deliver a memorable finale of course. But at the very least, Hiddleston’s tour de force performance will be more than welcomed.