The Internet Wants Pedro Pascal As Gomez In Tim Burton’s Addams Family

The Addams Family

Tim Burton and The Addams Family is an incredibly obvious combination that makes complete sense, so it didn’t come as much surprise when the filmmaker renowned for his Gothic aesthetic became attached to a small screen reboot of the property. The titular clan have been the subjects of countless adaptations since making their print debut in 1938, but something about Burton’s style makes his in-development series an exciting prospect regardless of how many times we’ve seen the characters before.

The Addams Family doesn’t have an official home as of yet, but the last we heard, Netflix were putting together a lucrative offer to have Burton set up shop on their platform. Illumination Entertainment and Universal currently hold the rights, but they’re focusing on the animated expansion of the brand, with the sequel to 2018’s surprise box office hit set to hit theaters next October.

Johnny Depp was inevitably named as the frontrunner to play patriarch Gomez given his long association with Burton, but the actor’s recent setbacks may have a damaging effect on his immediate career prospects. Oscar Isaac was also touted as a potential contender, but fans are now throwing their support behind The Mandalorian‘s Pedro Pascal, as you can see below.

Depp, Isaac and Pascal are all fantastic actors in their own right, and each of them would bring something distinctly different to the character of Gomez. And though Tim Burton might have a track record of collaborating with many of the same names on a regular basis, with The Addams Family still a long way away from beginning production never mind hitting the small screen, we might not be hearing any official casting news for a while.