The Flash Season 3 Blu-Ray Release Date And Extras Revealed


Since its inception a few years back, The Flash has continually gripped fans by delivering a well-rounded viewing experience that capably blends superhero storytelling with crazy sci-fi action, riveting drama and a dash of comedy. Plus, it doesn’t shy away from its comic book roots in the slightest, effectively making the dreams of those who adore the source material come true on a weekly basis.

With its third season, the producers delved deeper into the books for inspiration, incorporating Flashpoint as a way of simultaneously changing the landscape and to show Barry Allen that there are consequences for his actions. Throughout it all, Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow finally embraced their destinies as Vibe and Killer Frost, respectively, while a new threat emerged in the form of Savitar, the self-proclaimed God of Speed.

On September 5, you can relive the journey all over again – or experience it for the first time – when The Flash: The Complete Third Season arrives on Blu-ray and DVD. A full rundown of its hearty helping of bonus features and episodes to be included can be found below:

· The Flash: 2016 Comic-Con Panel
· A Flash in Time: Time Travel in the Flash Universe
· Villain School: The Flash Rogues
· Allied: The Invasion Complex (The Flash)
· Rise of Gorilla City
· The Flash: I’m Your Super Friend
· The Flash: Hitting the Fast Note
· Harmony in a Flash
· Synchronicity in a Flash
· A Conversation with Andrew Kreisberg and Kevin Smith
· Deleted Scenes
· Gag Reel


1. Flashpoint
2. Paradox
3. Magenta
4. The New Rogues
5. Monster
6. Shade
7. Killer Frost
8. Invasion!
9. The Present
10. Borrowing Problems from the Future
11. Dead or Alive
12. Untouchable
13. Attack on Gorilla City
14. Attack on Central City
15. The Wrath of Savitar
16. Into the Speed Force
17. Duet
18. Abra Kadabra
19. The Once and Future Flash
20. I Know Who You Are
21. Cause and Effect
22. Infantino Street
23. Finish Line

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