The Flash Featured A Surprising Elseworlds Connection This Week


The Flash season 5 continued this week with its sixth episode, “The Icicle Cometh.” As that sounds, its biggest reveals were all to do with Caitlin’s origins, the reveal of her father Thomas Snow and where her Killer Frost alter ego comes from. The storyline also offered up a brief easter egg that will please DC fans, though, as well as potentially setting up what’ll happen in the upcoming “Elseworlds” crossover.

When Barry, Caitlin and Cisco track her estranged pops down to his secret hideaway in the North Pole, Thomas already knows the names of his daughter’s pals. It turns out that he’s been effectively spying on Caitlin to see how she was getting on with her life. The explanation he gives about this features a couple of name-drops that will cause fans’ ears to prick up, too, as he says:

“Well, when I first came here, I stayed in contact with scientists Louise Lincoln, Victor Fries, and Harrison Wells. Dr. Wells was able to give me full access to STAR Labs’ video uplink.”

Louise Lincoln is the traditional Killer Frost in the comics and Victor Fries is, of course, one of Batman’s most famous foes – Mr. Freeze. The interesting thing is that we’re about to meet Freeze’s wife Nora in “Elseworlds,” as played by Cassandra Jean Amell. What’s more, Victor himself could well be currently locked up in Arkham Asylum, which is a major location in the crossover.

The main antagonist of “Elseworlds” will be Jeremy Davies’ Dr. John Deegan, who’ll be responsible for the identity-swap that Oliver Queen and Barry Allen suffer that kicks off the event. From what we’ve seen, the rest of reality is the same apart from the fact that they’ve swapped lives. So Deegan has clearly targeted the two heroes specifically, but how did he know of their secret identities?

Well, now we can begin to see how he links to the pair. If Fries is friends with both Snow and the Thawne version of Wells, either of them could have informed him of their heroic alter egos, meaning he could then’ve passed the info onto Deegan. We’re still not sure of his ultimate goal here, but the pieces of the puzzle might just be starting to come together.

The Flash continues Tuesdays on The CW, while “Elseworlds” kicks off on Sunday, December 9th.