Watch: Gina Carano Shares New Video To Celebrate Star Wars Day

Gina Carano

May the Fourth marks Star Wars Day, so social media is overflowing with folks sharing their love for the legendary sci-fi universe today. Both fans and the stars of the saga are getting involved, with everyone from Mark Hamill to Pedro Pascal responding to the special day on Twitter. Speaking of Pascal, another (former) star of The Mandalorian has likewise shared something to celebrate the occasion – Cara Dune actress Gina Carano, who posted a video earlier today.

“Happy May the 4th everyone,” she wrote in her caption. In the clip, the actress reveals what she’s spending the day doing – signing a bunch of memorabilia and merchandise that she’s sending over to the fan-run so they can give it away to some lucky folks. Though Carano explains that she’s got nothing to do with the site, she’s decided to host this giveaway as a thank you to those who’ve stood by her through the “tough time” that she’s had lately.

The “tough time” that she speaks of is obviously a reference to her firing from the Star Wars franchise by Disney, following many months of fans campaigning for her to be removed from The Mandalorian due to her politically outspoken social media activity. In the wake of her firing, Carano’s supporters have been the ones campaigning instead, with one petition demanding that Disney rehire her earning around 85K signatures to date.

A recent rumor claimed that the studio was secretly in talks with Carano to undo their earlier decision, but most intel is pointing to the Mouse House having made up their minds and there being no chance that her firing could be reversed. With her Star Wars career apparently over, then, Gina Carano has entered into a partnership with right-wing site The Daily Wire to make some exclusive movies for them.

Over on The Mandalorian front, meanwhile, shooting on season 3 is gearing up to start. It’s currently unclear whether Cara Dune will be recast or just written out, though.