Glow Star Alison Brie Might Be In The Running For She-Hulk Role


The She-Hulk series that’s headed for Disney+ has been a hot topic as of late, and the speculation on who will be playing the titular character has spread like wildfire. The latest news to drop on the subject though has to do with Glow star Alison Brie and the apparent direction they’re taking the hero in.

Twitter influencer Daniel Richtman released the scoop exclusively on his Patreon account, and while he noted that they’re looking to cast an Alison Brie-type for the part, many have begun speculating that they’re actually considering the Community alum herself.

Brie would definitely be a solid choice for the role of Bruce Banner’s cousin Jennifer Walters, too. She’s done an outstanding job on series like Community and Glow, both showcasing her ability to take a hit and make viewers laugh. Brie has the charm and wit it seems is required to play a significant role in the MCU. Not to mention her recent efforts like the critically acclaimed film Horse Girl prove she has some next-level acting chops.

Of course, many fans were hoping Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Stephanie Beatriz would play Walters, but she recently said that it doesn’t look likely due to scheduling conflicts. Other names have been thrown around, too, like Jameela Jamil, Gina Carano and Rosario Dawson, but no official word has come out on who’ll bring the Marvel character to life on the fledgling streaming service.

Little is known about the upcoming Disney+ original, but what we do know is very intriguing. For instance, we’ve been told that She-Hulk will eventually join the Avengers and that her cousin the Incredible Hulk could make an appearance, too. It’s also still unknown if she’ll debut earlier than her own program, as some have speculated that she could very well show up in WandaVision this December. Whenever she arrives, She-Hulk will no doubt be a welcomed addition to the MCU, and if Alison Brie is being held as the standard for casting, all signs point to this show being another big hit for the franchise.