Ghost Rider Series May Be Coming To Disney Plus


It’s all change for Marvel TV right now. With Kevin Feige becoming Marvel Studios’ Chief Creative Officer, he’s assumed control of every aspect of the company’s properties. This means he decides what goes when it comes to film, comic books and TV. It also means that Marvel TV as we know it is dead and that existing projects are being cancelled or quietly wound up.

One of the casualties was the planned Ghost Rider show starring Gabriel Luna on Hulu. This was one of the first cancellations to have been announced, though there’s now talk that Feige is eager to move forward on a Disney Plus version of the character.

At least, that’s according to the Lords of the Long Box YouTube channel, which claimed on its most recent episode that Feige wants to make a series starring Johnny Blaze. This is the version of the character seen in the Nicholas Cage movies from the 2000s, as opposed to the current Robbie Reyes incarnation seen on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. There are also rumors that we could get a female Ghost Rider, Alejandra Jones, perhaps played by Belle Thorne.

Of course, one aspect of the character that’s always been cool is that the Spirit of Vengeance can move between people, granting them the Ghost Rider powers. So, it might be neat to see a revolving cast of Ghost Riders in an anthology series, perhaps showing how different individuals react to having the Spirit of Vengeance inhabit them.

The only fly in the ointment may be that there’s a strict edict that Disney Plus series are limited to a PG-13 rating. Ghost Rider has always been a violent character with horror-themed stories, so it’d be a shame to see him neutered. Still, there could be something to this scoop from Lords of the Long Box and perhaps we’ll get the announcement that the character will be included in the second phase of Disney Plus MCU shows before the year is out.