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MCU fan theory suggests Wonder Man could debut before his Disney Plus series

Could Wonder Man wander into another Marvel project?

Wonder Man Marvel
Image via Marvel Comics

Another week, another new Marvel project. It’s been announced that a Wonder Man TV series is in the works at Disney Plus, from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings‘ Destin Daniel Cretton, confirming the good news that Simon Williams is finally on his way to the MCU. As it’s common for the franchise to introduce a character somewhere before their solo vehicle, though, could Wonder Man make himself known in the MCU before his own show gets here?

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That’s what one fan theory suggests. Specifically, the theory pitches that Williams may first appear in the other new Marvel project to be announced this month, the Thunderbolts movie from Jake Schreier. As originated by Murphy’s Multiverse, this idea actually holds some weight as handling the character this way would tie into his comic book origins. Though Williams is most known as a hero, he actually started out as a villain.

Image via Marvel Comics

Before he embarked on a career as a Hollywood actor, Simon was introduced as the vengeful son of Sanford Williams, a business rival of Tony Stark’s. He teamed up with Baron Zemo and the Masters of Evil when they offered to give him superpowers, by treating him with ionic energy, so that he could destroy the Avengers for them. But Williams ultimately discovered his conscience and turned against his evil allies, going on to join Earth’s Mightiest Heroes himself.

Fans are somewhat expecting the MCU to skip over Wonder Man’s villainous stint, then, but having him bboard the Thunderbolts — even if he never was part of that roster in the comics — would be a neat way of addressing his origins. Especially given that Daniel Bruhl is heavily expected to be back as Zemo in that production, so the belligerent baron could even remain the one who gave Williams his powers in the MCU. Alternatively, this honor may go to Contessa Val and whoever it is she represents. Williams could be another individual she “helps” out, like U.S. Agent.

Though the Wonder Man news is still fresh, it’s already spawned a bunch of fan theories, including that Nathan Fillion might be first in line to play him and that his series might tee up the formation of another superhero team, the West Coast Avengers.