New ‘Moon Knight’ teaser features ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ Easter egg

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Image via Marvel / Disney

Marvel Studios dropped a new teaser for Moon Knight today, offering yet more fresh footage from the upcoming Disney Plus series. Everything we’ve seen about the much-anticipated show to date promises that it will be much different from anything we’ve seen in the MCU before. However, it is part of the same ongoing narrative, of course, something that a neat Easter egg hidden in the latest promo reminds us.

One of the new clips featured in this promo sees Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight, in full superhero robes, standing in front of a red London bus (check out the screenshot in the gallery below). If you focus on the ad plastered on the side of the vehicle, you can see that it sports the logo of the Global Repatriation Council (GRC). Those who caught The Falcon and the Winter Soldier last spring should remember that the GRC is the organization that helped relocate those left homeless after the Blip.

While these background bits of connective tissue to the wider universe are commonly found in Marvel productions, we maybe shouldn’t expect to spot too many in Moon Knight; Producer Grant Curtis recently stressed that the series will be cut off from the rest of the shared franchise and has “no attachment to the current MCU.” So don’t go waiting on an Avenger to cameo in the show, although thankfully small Easter eggs like this one remind us that it’s still tied to the same world.

The reason why Moon Knight is so separated from the rest of the MCU is due to its unique tone. As this promo emphasized, Isaac’s protagonist isn’t like any other hero in the franchise, due to his Dissociative Identity Disorder, which will leave him much less in control, and less unreliable, than the likes of Iron Man and Captain America. The tone will also be much darker and kookier, with Isaac describing it as a “f*cking nutty” character study.

Don’t miss Moon Knight when it premieres on streaming this March 30.