You Can Now Stream All Episodes Of Batwoman Season 1 For Free


The season 1 finale of Batwoman premiered last night, officially ending the show’s first tumultuous run. But if you’re a fan of Kate Kane and haven’t been able to catch it on The CW, now might be the perfect opportunity to get into the story.

Given the series’ questionable ratings, it’s safe to say that Ruby Rose hasn’t been able to garner the same kind of attention or popularity as her other Arrowverse colleagues. In fairness, though, it seems that the audience participation for the rest of The CW shows is waning as well, probably due to the fatigue caused by so many interconnected narratives. Of course, we could also easily blame this on Batwoman‘s alleged SJW agenda, which led to legions of fans bashing it on online platforms. But whatever the show’s shortcomings are, we can’t deny that Rose’s portrayal of Kate Kane has its own merits in the sandbox of DC television heroes.

Add this to the numerous twists and developments of the season 1 finale, and it’s safe to say that the producers have big plans for the future of the show. If you haven’t been able to follow the series, though, The CW is giving you a limited timeframe to stream it on the network’s official website. As you know, Batwoman will not be released on Netflix, but it will eventually make its way to the upcoming HBO Max. Until then, you can watch the first season online in its entirety, along with ads, for free.

While most other TV shows only have their five most recent episodes available for streaming on the website, a new deal has allowed the network to showcase the entire first season, all the more convenient for fans who want to watch the first half.

At any rate, if you miss Gotham City and its criminal underworld on the small screen, especially now that Gotham has come to an end, don’t sleep on Batwoman‘s debut season.