Sweet Tooth Star Wants Robert Downey Jr. To Join The Cast


A lot of the headlines in the buildup to Netflix’s comic book adaptation Sweet Tooth revolved around the incredulous reactions from some Marvel Cinematic Universe fans that Robert Downey Jr. was involved with a project that hailed from DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint, which was doing a massive disservice to everyone that worked on the production.

Executive producers aren’t heavily involved in the day-to-day running of a series, so the former Iron Man’s overall contributions were largely logistical and ceremonial above all else, with creator, showrunner and occasional director Jim Mickle deserving the majority of the credit for what quickly became the most-watched show on the platform, dislodging the hotly anticipated Lucifer Season 5B in the process.

It’ll be a few weeks yet before Netflix reveal any official viewership numbers, and nothing can be taken for granted given the fate that recently befell Jupiter’s Legacy, which drew in some strong ratings before being canceled after a single season, but there’s already been chatter that another run of Sweet Tooth could be in the offing.

In a new interview, star Nonso Anozie was asked if he could imagine RDJ joining the cast for a guest spot in Season 2, and while the actor was speaking completely hypothetically, he did outline a couple of ways he might envision the A-list megastar sidling up alongside Jep and Gus as they continue their post-apocalyptic adventures.

“I think if our trio in the film became kind of a foursome and he just joined our band along the way and kind of helped us, and maybe helped us along the way in some way. I think a character that maybe didn’t appear in the comic book, that he could actually come along and play. I actually think he would have made an interesting General Abbott as well, but I feel like Neil Sandilands has done such a great job in that. But if he was to come on, I think he’d have to join our gang, for sure.”

It’s probably unlikely to happen, but then again, Downey Jr. has yet to officially settle on his next onscreen appearance following the disastrous Dolittle, so a brief surprise cameo isn’t entirely out of the question. First of all, though, we have to wait on Sweet Tooth being renewed by Netflix.