The Full Cowboy Bebop Anime Is Coming To Netflix This Month

Cowboy Bebop

Netflix turned heads in August when it unveiled their live-action adaptation of beloved anime Cowboy Bebop. Fan opinion was split, with some nervous that the network’s previous anime adaptations haven’t hit the mark (hi, Death Note) and others tentatively pleased with the accurate costumes.

We’ll find out for certain when the first season drops on November 19th, but viewers will get a chance to see where it all began when the entire 26-episode run launches on October 21st. The announcement came with a suitably funky trailer. Check it out:

Fans pointed out that Cowboy Bebop is already available for Hulu subscribers, but this is the first time that the show will be available worldwide for everyone at once. Even so, there are some worries about whether this version will be altered in some way, as Netflix’s changes to the dub of Neon Genesis Evangelion were met with various levels of outcry.

But the more people watch Cowboy Bebop, the better. It’s a ridiculously stylish and witty ride with an all-time killer soundtrack and should do the job of hyping everyone up for the live-action adaptation next month. In a fun twist, we’ve also heard that the anime cast is returning to dub the new series for its Japanese release, which at least shows they’re respecting the legacy of the original.

Netflix has already released the opening credits for their Cowboy Bebop, but we’re due a full trailer soon. My bet is that with the marketing campaign now getting into gear, it’ll drop along with the original series on October 21st.

See you soon, space cowboys.