The ‘Warrior Nun’ campaign continues its unstoppable international expansion with a brand new billboard

warrior nun
via Netflix

Another day tends to bring another update on the current status of the Warrior Nun campaign, and not too long after Simon Barry took responsibility for 90 percent of all the f*cks witnessed across the former Netflix favorite’s two seasons, the Halo Bearers have given more than a few of their own.

The majority of fan-backed campaigns tend to be fairly niche movements that don’t make a significant splash outside the confines of social media, but that definitely can’t be said of the dearly-departed episodic comic book adaptation. Things have been threatening to go fully global for a while now, and the intercontinental expansion has continued with a brand new billboard popping up in Italy.

As he tends to do anytime a major new development arises, showrunner and executive producer Barry was quick to relay the information to his legion of followers, with Warrior Nun continuing to spread its influence to every corner of the globe.

That means advertisements demanding Netflix renew the show for a third season have appeared directly outside Netflix headquarters, a stone’s throw away from Times Square in New York City, multiple locations across London, and now the Italian city of Milan, with the latter now in place for the next two weeks.

It’s admirable to say the least, but as always, the proof will be in the pudding. Whether it turns out to be a delicious treat that brings Warrior Nun back to the screen remains entirely up for debate, but let’s hope that it doesn’t prove to be a sickly sweet concoction that yields nothing but sickness and disappointment by the time the last bite is taken.