The Walking Dead Season 8 Blu-ray Retailer Exclusives Revealed


There’ve been fan petitions and protests about boycotting the show, leading names are looking likely to leave and ratings are the lowest they’ve been in years. Although the future of The Walking Dead seems uncertain, at least there’s now some concrete news on which features and artwork will accompany the upcoming Blu-ray release of season 8. It’s a small consolation, sure, but we’ll take it.

IGN have revealed this week the exclusives that Amazon, Target, Best Buy and Walmart will offer so you can plan your purchase upfront. Best Buy continues its trend of lenticular 3D covers with eyes that follow you around the room whilst Target have got some strong Steelbook skills featuring gruesomely gorgeous artwork. Although, they’re no longer jumbo-sized like with previous seasons.

Walmart’s version, meanwhile, has a free digital download (it’s ok to be underwhelmed) but goes someway to make up for it with exclusive artwork. Amazon tops the lot though with an edition that comes equipped with some ace character cards. Pre-empting a series from McFarlane Toys, the cards feature separate factions and outposts from the series. No doubt I’ll get the Scavengers from the dump.

Features-wise, though, it’s not looking too good, unfortunately.

There are episode commentaries for 8×03 (with writer Matt Negrete), 8×04 (with director Dan Liu) and 8×16 (with writer Angela Kang), which all feature executive producer and former showrunner Scott Gimple. There’s also a Carl Grimes: Leaving a Legacy featurette on the death of Rick’s son, as played by Chandler Riggs. Although it documents the very moment many fans of The Walking Dead decided to abandon the show, I certainly don’t think it references that.

There’s also a Price of War featurette, and an In Memorium collection which pays tribute to the other bodies that hit the floor in Season 8. That’s all you’ll get though when The Walking Dead hits Blu-ray on August 21st (order here), but if all of that interests you, tell us, which retailer exclusive will you be picking up? Let us know by dropping a comment in the usual place.

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