WandaVision Leak Teases An Unexpected Character Returning


There’s no official word on when the series will debut, and given the events of this year, fans will be keeping their fingers crossed tighter than ever, but WandaVision is still expected to arrive on Disney Plus by the end of 2020. Since unveiling a fantastic trailer that promised something the Marvel Cinematic Universe has never seen before, however, the streaming exclusive has gone back to radio silence.

Trying to decipher any concrete plot information from the footage is a near impossible task, too, especially when the majority of the narrative is set to unfold across multiple realities created by Scarlet Witch’s powers, but seeing as this is Marvel we’re talking about, there are bound to be at least a couple of major surprises in store.

Evan Peters was added to the cast several months ago, leading to fervent speculation that he could end up playing an alternate version of Quicksilver after he inhabited the role in the Fox franchise for much longer than counterpart Aaron Taylor-Johnson was part of the MCU. And as Godzilla vs. Kong constantly found out earlier this year, tie-in merchandise often gives away major plot points months before the project in question is even released.

Case in point: the latest potential leak teases that the upcoming line of WandaVision Funko POPs will feature Quicksilver. Although no further details are available, Marvel aren’t strangers to giving away story details months ahead of time via merch hitting the shelves. And with one actor that’s already played the character part of the cast, it can’t be completely ruled out that he’ll show up, especially when the series is promising a mind and reality-bending deep dive into the multiverse that looks set to change the entire landscape of the MCU as we know it.