How To Watch Crisis On Infinite Earths On Streaming

Crisis on Infinite Earths

The CW’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” is inarguably the biggest, most ambitious superhero crossover event on TV, bringing together all six Arrowverse shows (that were on the air at the time) as well as featuring guest spots from stars who hail from across the DC multiverse, movies included. While it was a blast to watch live, with the network airing the crossover across December and January, it’s difficult to catch it again on streaming. But here are some pointers.

The latest seasons of the Arrowverse shows only become available online once the whole runs have wrapped up, so all of the “Crisis” episodes only appeared on streaming earlier this month – Legends of Tomorrow season 5 just dropped on Netflix on June 10th. With LoT now on the site though, that means five out of six “Crisis”-relevant episodes can be caught on Netflix. Unfortunately, though, and this is frustrating, Batwoman is the odd one out.

Due to it only debuting last year, Batwoman is unique among the Arrowverse shows for having its streaming rights snapped up by HBO Max. The series hosted the second episode of “Crisis,” so it’s pretty much impossible to watch the miniseries in its entirety without it. If you have both subscriptions, though, or you can take out a free trial for the watch-through, then you’ll be OK.

Provided you’ve got access to all six shows, here are all the episodes you need to check out to get the full “Crisis” storyline – including Black Lightning‘s entry, which isn’t strictly counted as part of the crossover but is important to watch for additional context.

Black Lightning – season 3, episode 9

Supergirl – season 5, episode 9

Batwoman – season 1, episode 9

The Flash – season 6, episode 9

Arrow – season 8, episode 8

Legends of Tomorrow – season 5

Remember, if you’re a DC fan and haven’t seen “Crisis on Infinite Earths” yet, you really need to, as it could prove instrumental in opening up the boundaries of the DC multiverse – seeing as Michael Keaton’s Batman is due to appear in WB’s The Flash movie opposite Ezra Miller, who you no doubt know by now has a cameo in the event.