Watch: New Walking Dead Promo Offers First Look At Season 10 Finale

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead reached its penultimate episode of season 10 last night, but that’s all we’re getting for a while. Due to the coronavirus crisis preventing the completion of post-production work, the finale has been indefinitely delayed and will air as a special episode sometime later this year. However, AMC was still able to create a thrilling promo which promises that 10×16 “A Certain Doom” will be worth the wait when it eventually arrives.

The trailer follows on from the dire cliffhanger set up in 10×15 “The Tower,” with Beta leading a walker army to the old hospital tower where the assembled survivors of Alexandria, Hilltop and Oceanside have gathered. Our heroes have got a plan together, but they don’t have much chance of winning. “We’re not all gonna make it through,” Daryl tells everyone. “But this is the only way.” The next shot is Judith closing the door on Daryl, as they look at each other through the glass pane. Ok, who else has got a tear in their eye?

From what we can make out, a group led by Daryl then use a classic tactic to escape through the walker horde itself – wearing hoodies caked in zombie gore, so that the undead don’t notice them. Let’s hope the ploy holds up.

Meanwhile, Eugene, Ezekiel, Yumiko and their new pal Princess continue their mission to meet with mysterious radio lady Stephanie, though it appears all the setbacks have caused them to miss it. “It’s too late,” Eugene laments in one clip. “That rendezvous was set in stone.” The promo then ends with some more optimistic words from Ezekiel, who promises they can make it if they give it everything they have.

With all this and the long-awaited return of Lauren Cohan’s MaggieThe Walking Dead season 10 looks set to close out in style in a few months’ time.