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‘Netflix I dare you’: ‘One Piece’ fans share stark reminder that some scenes won’t translate well into the live-action adaptation

That's not the Sanji we know, nor accept.

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Netflix’s One Piece is here and it’s a huge hit with fans. Everything from the scenery to the characters — according to steely anime critics — has been executed to absolute perfection.

And there’s a number of individuals to thank for that, but it was a team effort to create such a faithful adaptation, one of which Eiichiro Oda is proud. Oda himself was a constant reference throughout, ensuring that Netflix’s endeavors stayed on track, so that’s half the battle right there, but the cast and crew pulled their weight as well.

While the first season of One Piece fired on all cylinders, fans are fearful for the remainder of the franchise, which will inevitably receive the live-action treatment later down the line. That includes One Piece Film: Z, which features some rather questionable dialogue from fan-favorite Sanji aimed at the Straw Hats’ navigator, Nami.

In One Piece Film: Z, the second-in-command and vice-admiral of the Neo Marines, Ain, uses her Devil Fruit powers to de-age Nami, Tony Tony Chopper, Brook, and Nico Robin. There’s an interaction between young Nami and Sanji that raises a few red flags, particularly as it suggests Sanji grooming Nami.

Netflix would certainly run into some trouble if it ever chose to go down that route. Thankfully, that scene will probably never see the light of day in live-action, especially not when Taz Skylar’s Sanji is nothing but charming, as Sanji should be.

And besides, One Piece fans wouldn’t accept it, even if Netflix did explore uncharted territory and take that plunge. As far as they’re concerned (and you can check the Reddit comments for irrefutable proof), the One Piece films aren’t canon with the manga or anime, instead existing as an entirely separate timeline in and of themselves.

And honestly, that’s probably for the best, since this predatory side of Sanji is not a good look. Not at all.

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