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Where to watch ‘One Piece’ episode 1074

Don't worry, it is worth the wait!

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One Piece has proven its worth across all mediums. From its literary origins in the manga verse to the animated series, and more recently, the live-action, Eiichiro Oda’s work is finally reaching all kinds of audiences, deservedly so. Despite the story having remained hidden for a long time – particularly in the western sphere of the globe – it has quickly risen to the top of the charts, especially as the last arc debuted an entirely new animation format.

Hailing from 1999, One Piece has undergone quite the animation changes in the past 24 years. As more anime and new standards surfaced in the world of animation, One Piece at times struggled to keep up with the new and demanding format. While the manga remains a force to be reckoned with, at times, the anime appeared lackluster in comparison. But not anymore.

The Wano arc introduced a uniquely aesthetic and demanding world, proving to be a new challenge for the animators involved, and we were not disappointed. Episode 1074 just reached the platforms with an entirely new opening sequence, and here’s where you can watch it.

Where can I watch the new One Piece episode?

Image via Toei Animation

The newest episode depicts the continuation of Kaido and Luffy’s bizarre and ridiculous fight, that we just cannot look away from. Much like the manga, the new episodes showing Luffy’s awakened Devil Fruit debuted a Bugs Bunny-esque cartoonish style, alongside its new effects. A new opening sequence is also spreading all across social media, praising the beautiful art style perfectly embodying the new beginning for the Straw Hats.

Although Netflix has found the rights to host the One Piece live-action, it has not yet welcomed the anime into its repertoire. Instead, the anime is still only available on Crunchyroll, the streaming platform known for housing most of the anime in the West. For this reason, episode 1074 just released on Crunchyroll last night, where you can also check all the precious episodes and arcs on the show.

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