Anchor Bay Announces Silent Night For Blu-Ray In December

Anchor Bay will be bringing the Christmas-themed horror remake Silent Night to Blu-Ray in December. The film is a loose remake of the 1984 slasher Silent Night, Deadly Night.

Nothing sounds better than a blood-soaked Christmas, right? I’m kidding, but sometimes holiday horror can be incredibly entertaining, especially after listening to countless annoying Christmas carols or hearing nonstop about wish-lists and sappy holiday films. Black Christmas might remain my favorite Christmas horror film, but Silent Night, Deadly Night sits somewhere on that short list and hopefully this upcoming remake will find its rightful home.

Silent Night stars Malcolm McDowell and Jamie King, with Steven C. Miller as the director. The first stills gave us a good look at the iconic killer, but now we have the Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack to look forward to, which launches on December 4th, 2012.

I’m remaining hopeful for this remake as horror is getting harder and harder to come by, especially holiday-themed horror, so at the very least this could provide us with enough over-the-top fun to deem it worth a rental. The worst case scenario is that it’s just another failed attempt at recreating a classic.

Which one will it be?

Silent Night hits on December 4th, 2012.

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