The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Will Receive A Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray Boxset


Following along in the footsteps of the Blu-Ray release for the original The Amazing Spider-Man – which came with collectible figurines of both Spider-Man and The Lizard – it has been announced that the sequel will also be getting the collector’s edition treatment. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be launching on Blu-Ray later this year with a highly detailed and polished bust of the film’s primary antagonist, Electro.

The collector’s edition will run for a pricey $150. Although, if you act fast and head on over to Amazon, you can reserve it for a discounted price of $100, which is still a steep increase from the $70 that the collector’s edition for The Amazing Spider-Man ran for. The difference between the two sets is that the figures that came with The Amazing Spider-Man – I actually own it – weren’t of the highest detail or made from the highest quality parts. They were essentially a couple of glorified action figures packaged in with the movie.

The bust of Electro, from pictures alone, already looks like a special item crafted with care, highlighting all of the pulsating blue features of his face in stunning detail. It also serves as a case for the various discs that will come with the package.

If you are a fan of Jamie Foxx’s mentally unstable and gleefully cheesy portrayal of Electro, it goes without saying that this could be something fancy to display in your living room. Either way, it’s simply something nice to own for fans of Marc Webb’s rather successful take on the whole lore of Spider-Man.

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Source: IGN