The best Star Wars board games

Best Star Wars Board game
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When it comes to introducing a successful movie franchise, Star Wars is the name that shines the brightest. Today, the scope of the Star Wars franchise is as big as the same universe that the movie takes place in. Since the first release in 1977, the movie has made its way to many other entertainment areas, including books, toys, and of course, board games. 

Star Wars board games are available in various genres, and the fans have a hard job choosing the most suitable one. However, here is a list of the best Star Wars board games available in the market. Fans can make the most of these games during Christmas. 

Star Wars: Legion

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The Legion provided some of the most iconic characters from the original movie, including Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker. The game focuses on ground combat, and its skirmish genre makes it even more entertaining. Two players should arrange and control Imperial, Rebel, or Troopers armies. There are also expansion kits to help players add more characters and storylines to the this board game. 

Star Wars: X-Wing

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Star Wars X-Wing is a board game for those who want to experience a space dogfight and ship-to-ship combat in the form of a board game. Assembling jet fighters and preparing war stuff could be exciting. The game supports two players, but more players can be added with expansion kits. The average playtime is 45 minutes.

Star Wars: Outer Rim

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The Star Wars Outer Rim will take players to a chaotic world to complete a series of missions. The players can build ships and gather crews to start doing malicious missions and spread their infamy over the galaxy. The Outer Rim supports up to four players. However, playing solo is also possible.

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

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This is a beginner package for those who are new to Star Wars board games. The Edge of the Empire offers rulebooks and different characters as a role-playing game, and players must roll the dice for the next moves. Three to five players can enjoy the game for hours. 

Star Wars: Destiny

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In Star Wars Destiny, players can take the roles of Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma or Rey and Poe. They should try to hit their opponent the hardest using cards and dice. The fast flow of the game makes it more exciting and challenging. Star Wars Destiny might look like a simple game, but it requires strategic thinking. 

Star Wars: Empire Vs. Rebellion

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The Empire Vs. Rebellion is a card game that revolves around Galactic Civil War and supports two players. Each player must outperform the opponent by choosing a deck and heroes. The game is easy to jump into and won’t take much time to learn the rules. 

Star Wars: Armada

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The Star Wars Armada game is trying to offer an upgraded level of space fight. Each player must choose to be the leader of either the Rebel Alliance or Imperial Navy. Assembling the fleet and making war plans turn Armada into an alluring experience of Star Wars. 

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