New Animated Series Pokemon Generations Announced, Will Air On YouTube


Starting from September 16, a new animated Pokemon series will be making its debut on YouTube, The Pokemon Company has announced.

Pokemon Generations will revisit each generation of the handheld titles with a series of episodes that aims to shed new light on some “timeless moments.” From the original Kanto region all the way up to Pokemon X and Y‘s Kalos setting, fans will be able to go behind the scenes to witness a fresh new take on the franchise’s most iconic events.

From this Friday all the way up to December 23, 2016, a new episode in the series will be released over on the studio’s official YouTube channel and will range from 3-5 minutes long.

Pokemon Generations is just the latest entry in The Pokemon Company’s year-long campaign to celebrate the series’ 20th anniversary. Monthly giveaways of mythical creatures for the 3DS games, as well as publicity stunts resulting in giant trading cards are just some of the festivities we’ve seen so far.

With the huge success of Pokemon Go and the impending release of Sun and Moon, 2016 is already shaping-up to be a defining year for the Gotta Catch ‘Em All craze, but we imagine that there’s still plenty of surprises on the way for the remainder of the year.

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