PlayStation Store’s New Deal Of The Week Features A Popular New Game

Snowrunner PS4

2020 continues to be one helluva wild ride. However, one thing that’s really helped while we’ve all been stuck at home are the free games and the exceptional deals that Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft and Amazon, among others, have dropped to help keep us entertained in these unprecedented times.

And much like last week’s extensive sale, the hot deals keep on coming. That’s right, a new PlayStation store “Deal Of The Week” is now live and it features a popular PS4 game that only released back in late April. Specifically, the title in question is Saber Interactive’s off-road sim Snowrunner, which is now 33% off. Yes, the latest sale slashes $17 off the game’s original $50 price point, bringing the overall cost down to just $33. Not too bad, eh?

Our very own David Morgan reviewed Snowrunner at launch and really enjoyed his time with the hardcore trucking simulator. Ultimately, he awarded the title four out of five stars and concluded:

SnowRunner is the stay-inside game we need right now. Slow, rewarding, and providing just enough resistance to keep the player sharp, it’s a singularly zen experience that’s made for a particular kind of person — even those who avoid more genre-standard titles.”


If you’re interested in this latest deal, we’d suggest to pull the trigger sharpish. According to the game’s PlayStation Store listing, it’ll only be available until June 25th. Once that date rolls around, the title will return to its full price and will be replaced with a brand new “Deal of the Week.”

But tell us, are you you excited to get your off-road trucking on in PlayStation‘s latest Deal Of The Week? Or are you going to be giving Snowrunner a wide berth? Grab your multi tools and let us know in the usual place down below.