Resident Evil 9 Will Reportedly Be A Direct Sequel To Village

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil 9 will be a direct sequel to this year’s Village and the final part of a trilogy started with 2017’s seventh installment, according to a new report.

Prolific insider AestheticGamer – who has accurately provided several details pertaining to the series in the past prior to Capcom making them publicly known – revealed in comments over on Twitter last week that the ninth entry will not only serve as a continuation of events fans will experience next month, but the final chapter in what has, until this point, been largely an overarching narrative.

While the reset button was arguably already pressed with Resident Evil 7, the presence of Chris Redfield and explicit references to Umbrella cemented Ethan Winters’ story within the wider chronology. Following the release of Resident Evil 9 (which probably isn’t projected to arrive for at least a few years), however, the focus will be shifted to telling self-contained tales not necessarily related to anything to have come before.

If Village truly is intended to be the middle chapter in a three-part affair, one can only presume that some loose threads will be left dangling at its conclusion, with those that already exist being tied up neatly in tandem. Indeed, AestheticGamer states that a few plot elements in RE7 were deliberately left open-ended in anticipation of Village and that the decision to tie all three together came about due to the close proximity of their development. What exactly these unanswered questions pertain to isn’t clear, though we absolutely expect to learn more about Ethan and Mia’s history, especially in regard to how the latter ended up working for mysterious group The Connections in the first place.

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