Watch: Resident Evil Village Mod Replaces Enemies With Scream’s Ghostface


Modders are having an absolute field day with Resident Evil Village.

Capcom’s survival horror franchise has proven to be a particularly popular pick for hobbyist content creators since the release of the RE2 remake back in 2019, which saw one of the game’s major antagonists, Mr. X, outfitted in all sorts of fan-made costumes. Others went one step further by replacing the intimidating Tyrant with different characters entirely, mostly to humorous effect. Nemesis would ultimately receive similar treatment 12 months later with the retelling of Jill Valentine’s own escape from Raccoon City and now, it’s the turn of this year’s installment to get some equally ridiculous adjustments.

GeorgeIEoo’s creation, for instance, as depicted in the video above, completely replaces Village‘s Moroaica enemies with one of the slasher genre’s most iconic villains.

Admittedly, Scream‘s Ghostface appears more comedic than scary here due to the height mismatch, but if you’re searching for the means to spice up repeated playthroughs of Ethan Winters’ adventure, look no further. In fact, if you’ve no qualms about throwing immersion out the window, there are plenty of optional extras to choose from. Another mod released earlier this week allows users to replace Chris Redfield’s chiseled features with those of Albert Wesker, changing the jaw-dropping opening scene’s tone.

As for those of you still tentatively moving through Resident Evil Village‘s campaign for the first time, you can get help with some of the sequel’s toughest segments by checking out our boss guides for Mother Miranda’s minions, Donna Beneviento and Heisenberg by hitting the respective links. Likewise, if you’re constantly finding yourself strapped for cash and unable to upgrade your gear with the Duke, see here for our treasure guide. Good luck!