DC Comics May’ve Just Confirmed Robert Pattinson’s Been Cast As Batman


Earlier this month, the internet was left reeling from the news that Robert Pattinson was in negotiations for the title role of Matt Reeves’ The Batman. But for all the noise this revelation has made, neither Warner Bros. nor Pattinson himself have been willing to confirm that the gig is his. Nonetheless, a recent Instagram post from DC Comics’ Jim Lee has given fans hope that an official announcement is just around the corner.

Shortly before taking a flight to Abu Dhabi, the artist and writer shared a photo of the various “essentials” he packed for the journey. On one of the tablets, you’ll notice the name Robert Pattinson displayed prominently. And since there’s no way Lee hasn’t heard all the recent talk about the Good Time and Twilight star, it hardly seems like a stretch to interpret this image as a nod to the Batman news.

Of course, whether or not this means Pattinson is now officially on board is another matter, though at this point, the casting seems all but confirmed. What’s more, these last few weeks have seen a flood of additional rumors and reports alleging details about Pattinson’s potential co-stars.

On the villain front, for instance, it’s believed that the line-up will include the Penguin, Catwoman and the Riddler, among others. There’s even been a fair amount of hearsay on who’ll be playing each of these antagonists. To name just a couple of examples, one recent rumor is that Vanessa Hudgens is being eyed for Catwoman, while Josh Gad has been all too happy to fuel the speculation that he might be the next Penguin.

Nonetheless, Warner remains tight-lipped on such matters, but there’ll be plenty of time for details before The Batman hits theaters on June 25th, 2021.