Emma Watson Ends Social Media Hiatus To Debunk Rumors

Emma Watson

In what might end up becoming a recurring theme looking at how often actors and celebrities in general are forced to make public statements to clear the air in regards to the various rumors swirling around them, Emma Watson has hopped back onto social media after a nine-month hiatus to basically tell everyone to shut the f*ck up.

Following in the footsteps of Sylvester Stallone debunking his own cancellation by revealing that the story that had got the internet in such a tizzy over the Rocky legend’s outside interests wasn’t true, not to mention Henry Cavill making a rare post of his own to politely ask his fans not to speculate or spread any negativity on his behalf, Watson has now poured cold water on the reports that she’d retired from acting.

Naturally, at the sheer rate that information and misinformation alike spreads in the technological age, many folks were writing lengthy eulogies on the Harry Potter star’s career, which initially forced her manager to debunk the gossip. But Watson herself has now stepped in, as you can see below.

In between all of this, we’ve been hearing rather far-fetched tales that she’d be returning to the Wizarding World for a new Harry Potter project, which may or may not have bumped her up to the lead role depending on which report you were reading. As things stand, though, Emma Watson has been doing the exact same thing as many other people for the last fifteen or so months and laying low until the pandemic blows over. Even then, it’s probably a bit much to expect her to return to the big screen with all guns blazing.