Enola Holmes 2 Will Reportedly Be More Mature And Less Of A Kid’s Movie

Enola Holmes
Image via Netflix

Enola Holmes was one of Netflix’s biggest movies of 2020, with the streaming giant announcing that it had been viewed by over 76 million users in its first four weeks on the platform. But not everyone’s going to love it, and there was some criticism on social media that the Millie Bobby Brown vehicle was a little childish. It was a family-oriented film, so that’s hardly a crime, but there are those who would’ve liked more of the adult edge we might expect from the Sherlock Holmes mythos.

We’re still waiting on an official announcement about a sequel, but we know by now that one is definitely in development behind the scenes. Indeed, we’ve already heard a lot about Netflix’s plans for it, and sources close to WGTC – the same ones who previously told us about The Witcher spinoff before that was confirmed – say that Enola Holmes 2 will be “more mature” and less of a “kid’s movie.”

We don’t have any more specifics beyond that at the moment, but it seems the follow-up will have a slightly less child-like tone. A lot of that in the first film came from the fact that Enola was young and inexperienced herself. Now that she’s older and proved herself, though, the sequel could have a more mature vibe to match. What’s more is that we’ve heard that Henry Cavill will have a bigger role as Sherlock next time and his nemesis Professor Moriarty may even feature as the main villain. With these iconic enemies facing off, you can see how things would get darker.

Work on Stranger Things season 4 is still ongoing, which is keeping Brown occupied for the moment, and presumably Netflix is waiting for the young leading actress to become free enough to hop over to the sequel before they announce that it’s actually on its way. Remember, there could be as many of five Enola Holmes movies if they keep on being as successful as the first, and hopefully it won’t be too much longer before we hear of some concrete plans.