Here’s How Matthew McConaughey Could Look As The Batman’s Two-Face


With all of the recent news focusing on Michael Keaton’s impending return as Bruce Wayne in The Flash along with continued speculation that Ben Affleck’s self-imposed retirement as the Dark Knight might also be coming to an end, Matt Reeves’ The Batman has suddenly found itself as the least talked-about project involving the iconic superhero, which seemed unimaginable this time last month.

The latest reboot is currently gearing up to resume production having been on hiatus for months due to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, and with The Batman having only been shooting for a matter of weeks before it was shut down, Reeves and his team will need to hit the ground running. The movie might have been hit with a delay, but fourteen weeks isn’t much given both the amount of time it’s been on hold and the fact a lot of other big budget blockbusters have been pushed back by anywhere up to a year.

Barring any late additions of major surprises that are being kept under wraps, Robert Pattinson’s Caped Crusader already has his supporting cast largely assembled, but with The Batman reportedly set to act as the first instalment of a new trilogy, there’s no doubt going to be some fan favorite characters appearing in the future.

Adam West and George Clooney are the only two live-action versions of Bruce Wayne that haven’t crossed paths with Harvey Dent at some stage, with Two-Face having already been rumored as one of Pattinson’s future antagonists, and some new fan art from Awedope Arts imagines Matthew McConaughey in the role, which you can check out below.

If Harvey Dent and his villainous alter-ego are a part of Reeves’ plans for The Batman trilogy, then McConaughey would be a solid choice for the part. He wouldn’t just be an ideal fit for the silver-tongued District Attorney, but the actor’s best performances always have a mean streak or hint of darkness about them, which would make him a formidable tormentor for Pattinson’s costumed vigilante.