Ben Affleck’s Batman Returns To HBO Max On Awesome Fan Poster

batman justice league

You’d think that DCEU fans would be happy with their lot given that the Snyder Cut of Justice League is finally in the works and on the way to HBO Max and Michael Keaton is set to reprise the role of Bruce Wayne for the first time in almost three decades in The Flash, but if recent history has shown us anything, it’s that certain sections of the online fanbase will never be satisfied.

Even with the whirlwind of massive announcements surrounding the future of Warner Bros.’ comic book franchise, there are still a lot of people holding out hope that Ben Affleck will also return to the fold after his tenure as Batman was cut short due to a mixture of the actor’s personal issues and the DCEU’s general shift in creative direction.

The Snyder Cut news and Keaton’s return has already shown that anything is possible, and the speculation surrounding Affleck still hasn’t gone away, with the latest rumors indicating that another bombshell could be dropped as soon as the upcoming DC FanDome event. Whether it ends up happening or not, a new fan poster by digital artist ArtOfTimeTravel imagines the filmmaker’s return as the Dark Knight coming about as part of a huge DCEU crossover on HBO Max, and you can check it out below.

Obviously, the poster is big on optimism and wish-fulfillment given that it features Jared Leto’s Joker, Will Smith’s Deadshot and Ewan McGregor’s Black Mask among others, but based on recent developments, we know better than to definitively rule anything out when it comes to the future of the DCEU, and if Affleck thinks he has unfinished business with his version of Batman, then the idea of him tackling the Caped Crusader in a solo project can’t definitively be ruled out until we get an official confirmation or denial from either the man himself or the studio.