The Flash Movie Reportedly Features A Surprise Cameo From [SPOILERS]

The Flash

As is well documented by now, The Flash movie is set to open the doors to the DC multiverse. Michael Keaton is returning as Batman – and we’ve already got our first look at his Batsuit – in the Andy Muschietti film, which promises that other iconic heroes from across DC history will pop up for cameos, too.

Fans are somewhat expecting a bigger-budgeted version of The CW’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” then, and as we all know, that Arrowverse event miniseries famously featured Ezra Miller’s Scarlet Speedster running into Grant Gustin’s version. Various rumors and reports have previously claimed that the movie would return the favor and bring Gustin on board so the Flashes of two worlds can reunite and this is yet again being put forward by The Illuminerdi. At this point, then, a role for TV’s Barry Allen is all but officially confirmed.

We’ve always known that Miller’s cameo in “Crisis” was actually Warner Bros.’ doing, with the studio instructing the producers to fit him into the event somewhere. It was clear they had big plans for the multiverse, and likely that they wanted to do more with the two heroes meeting as well. Remember, it’s canon that Miller’s Barry got the idea to call himself the Flash from Gustin, which again boots the importance of the team-up.

The Illuminerdi didn’t have any other details to share at this time, so we don’t know the specifics of Gustin’s appearance, but – from everything we’re hearing – we can comfortably assume he’ll be in it. Depending on if any other Arrowverse heroes join him in the movie, which isn’t impossible, this could mark Grant Gustin out as the only CW superhero to cross over onto the big screen.

The Flash film is headed to theaters on November 4th, 2022. In the short-term, The Flash TV show continues its seventh season Tuesdays on The CW.