Godzilla Vs. Kong Will Include A Big First For Both Monsters

Godzilla vs. Kong

Official plot details for Godzilla vs. Kong are still incredibly hard to come by unless you’ve been keeping track of the tie-in merchandise, which is where the big reveals seem to be coming from. Having been pushed back yet again, director Adam Wingard will be hoping that the latest installment in the MonsterVerse will live up to the hype when it finally arrives on its fifth and hopefully final release date next May.

That being said, the filmmaker could probably do with the extra post-production time given that extensive reshoots were ordered by the studio following a test screening that reportedly didn’t go down too well, although the most recent showing seems to indicate that Godzilla vs. Kong has been massively improved by the additional footage.

Following the disappointing critical and commercial performance of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, the clash of the two iconic kaiju could make or break the future of the entire franchise, and based on what we know so far, it will at least be bringing something new to the table in a setting that we’ve never seen either of the title characters in before.

Over their long and extensive histories, Godzilla and Kong have been pretty much everywhere, and that even includes outer space. However, with all signs pointing to the Hollow Earth playing a major role in the story, it looks like we’ll be seeing the two Titans head underground for the first time ever.

As ScreenRant explains:

In 65 years of movie history, Toho has put the King of the Monsters in some unique situations. Though he’s mostly based in and around Tokyo, he’s had his share of fights in foreign countries and on tropical islands. Godzilla has also gone underwater to take down his foes, not to mention outer space in Invasion of Astro-Monster for a team-up with Rodan against King Ghidorah on Planet X. One thing he hasn’t done, though, is fight another monster beneath the surface of the Earth. Despite his long history, that’s something that the Godzilla franchise has never had a chance to show (even though a subterranean civilization was confirmed to exist in the Showa series in Godzilla vs. Megalon).

The Hollow Earth is a handy MacGuffin that allows the MonsterVerse to explain where all of these giant creatures have been hiding for thousands of years, and with at least some of the action set to take place thousands of feet below the surface, Godzilla vs. Kong promises to deliver a subterranean showdown that marks uncharted territory for both, as well as presumably saving some money on the effects budget by shrouding them in darkness as they battle for supremacy in the darkest depths of the Earth.