Halloween Kills Has Now Wrapped Production

Halloween 2018

It’s been a busy week for fans of the Halloween franchise, with a teaser, available above, dropped by Jamie Lee Curtis for the upcoming Halloween Kills. As well as potentially revealing how Michael Myers escaped the fire at the Strode house, the trailer also gave us our first look at Anthony Michael Hall’s portrayal of Tommy Doyle. We should hopefully expect more footage soon, too, as shooting has now officially wrapped after 36 days, setting up a post-production period leading up to Halloween Kills‘ release next October.

We’ve seen a lot of news from the Halloween camp since Blumhouse announced the two sequels to David Gordon Green’s 2018 effort back in June. Although the original plan seemed to be to shoot Kills and Halloween Ends back-to-back, that approach now appears to have been scrapped, with the latter film likely going into production sometime in 2021. The fast turnaround on Halloween Kills suggests that Green, Danny McBride and Scott Teems already had a solid idea of a follow-up film before Halloween‘s box office success last year.

From the behind-the-scenes pictures and other news from the production, we know that Kills will bring back many of the original film’s cast, and will also feature a flashback to the events of the first movie. As with Halloween II, this upcoming sequel is going to be partly set in Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, either in flashback form or as part of a present day setting. Furthermore, the glimpses we received in the teaser trailer this week suggest that Halloween Kills will follow the original sequel by directly continuing Michael Myers’ killing spree.

How this all ties into Halloween Ends is currently unknown, although Jamie Lee Curtis has been talking up how the two contemporary sequels will continue to build on John Carpenter’s original picture. At any rate, we’re looking forward to seeing how Green and McBride choose to conclude (as much as possible in this series) the Michael Myers and Laurie Strode story.

Halloween Kills will begin answering these questions when it releases on October 16th, 2020, while Halloween Ends is currently down for an October 15th, 2021 premiere.

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