Kevin Hart Said To Be Doing Excellent, Now Walking And Talking After Injury

Kevin Hart

Tiffany Haddish revealed a very optimistic update about her friend Kevin Hart recently that should give everyone a reason to smile today. According to her, the comedian’s doing “excellently” following his horrific car crash a few weeks back. The actress also added that “he’s walking and talking and everything good.”

The 40-year-old actor was recently released from the hospital after undergoing back surgery and following the scary incident, Hart says he’s grateful to be alive. Judging by the description of the accident, it certainly sounds like it could’ve been a lot worse. But thankfully, all three passengers in the car managed to escape with their lives and injuries that are expected to heal after treatment.

Of course, Hart will still require extensive physical therapy on his road to recovery, but both his wife and Haddish seem to think that the worst is definitely behind him. Even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who left his honeymoon early to help his friend out, is now able to joke around about what happened. He obviously wouldn’t do this if there was any fear that Hart’s condition would worsen, so it’s clear that the notorious funnyman is going to be just fine.

When he’ll return to work, though, is still anyone’s guess. The main priority is obviously for him to make a full recovery, but the studios attached to his many upcoming projects clearly have financial reasons to want the actor back in action as soon as possible. While Jumanji: The Next Level is still set to premiere as planned, many of the actor’s other scheduled films are currently in limbo.

For now, however, we should all just be glad that Kevin Hart is okay and as soon as we receive any further updates on his status, we’ll be sure to let you know.