Nightwing Features In New Batman And Harley Quinn Clip


Right now, it’s getting hard to say that Batman and Harley Quinn isn’t the biggest release of 2017 when it comes to DC animated movies. Aside from premiering at San Diego Comic-Con next weekend, it’ll be granted a limited theatrical release before making its way to home video. Oh yeah, there’s also the matter of there being a prequel comic that no diehard fan will want to miss out on.

With the hype train gaining momentum, now is the time for full clips taken from the film to slowly make their way online. As it so happens, DC All Access shared one in a recent episode that plays to our nostalgia. Seriously, just check out the scene featuring Kevin Conroy and Loren Lester reprising their roles of Batman and Nightwing, respectively, and try telling us that you’re not immediately drawn in by the atmosphere conveyed, or that it feels like we never parted ways with Batman: The Animated Series.

Well, technically, these character designs are more in line with The New Batman Adventures (or “the revamp episodes,” as they’re often referred to), but our point remains valid. Actually, if you look closely at the Batmobile, it more so resembles the one driven in Batman: The Animated Series, so maybe Bruce Timm and company decided to pick and choose which bits to resurrect.

Getting back to the characters themselves, we get the impression that this clip was most likely taken from the opening moments of the movie. As Bruce and Dick begin their detective work, they arrive at the moment when they realize that they must seek out the help of Harley Quinn, thus setting the stage for a wild ride that Timm once referred to as “48 Hrs. with superheroes.”

Batman and Harley Quinn arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on August 29.

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