Nightwing Makes A House Call In New Batman And Harley Quinn Clip


With the home video release of Batman and Harley Quinn inching evermore closer, it’s hard not to reach a new level excitement for DC’s next animated film. After all, reuniting fan favorite voice actors such as Kevin Conroy and Loren Lester in their roles of Batman and Nightwing, respectively, is just one of the many things making this flick feel like a true continuation of The New Batman Adventures.

Joining those two gentlemen will be Melissa Rauch (The Big Bang Theory), who’s the latest actress to lend her pipes to the Clown Princess of Crime. From what we can tell, the newest clip released may not necessarily be from the scene that introduces her, but it may very well be the one that ropes her in to the team-up of the summer.

As we continue connecting the dots, we can assume that this particular excerpt follows an earlier released scene in which Batman and Nightwing came to the realization that they’ll need Harley’s help in order to take down Poison Ivy and the Floronic Man. Here, it’s the former Boy Wonder paying a visit to Ms. Quinzel’s doorstep, doing his best to talk her into it. Unfortunate for him, though, is that she’s trying to live a normal life now, so she may need better convincing.

Obviously, she’ll change her opinion before long or else we wouldn’t have a movie to watch, but the dynamic shared between her and Dick Grayson will be one to keep an eye on. Ever since the first sneak peek surfaced, fans have been wondering if some kind of romance or tryst between the two will develop, something we can’t rule out. After all, Bruce Timm has made bold decisions in the past by pairing Batman with the likes of Batgirl and Lois Lane, so we must remain open to the possibility.

Batman and Harley Quinn arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on August 29.