Suicide Squad Extended Cut TV Spot Teases New Footage


Not too long ago, Warner Bros. made the rather unsurprising announcement that David Ayer’s Suicide Squad would be getting an Extended Cut for its Digital HD/Blu-ray release. The former will arrive next week, on November 15th, while the latter will be with us on December 13th.

So, not too long then till we get to see all the footage left on the cutting room floor, and to help whet our appetite, the studio’s released a brand new TV spot that, like the last one, features a brief, never before seen shot of the Clown Prince of Crime himself, Mr. J.

It’s nothing to stop the presses, of course, but it’s still a nice reminder that the new version of the film will come packing a generous 13 extra minutes of new footage that didn’t make it into the theatrical cut. Then again, given that the cast claims they have enough unused material to “fill an entire DVD,” perhaps 13 minutes isn’t so generous after all. Still, we’ll take what we can get and we’re certainly eager to see what’s been added back in.

Most of the new footage will undoubtedly revolve around the Joker, since he seems to be the character who had the most scenes cut, but we’re willing to bet that each member of Task Force X will get at least a couple of extra minutes to shine here.

With Suicide Squad having finished its box office run at a more than healthy $745.5 million, and the Harley Quinn spinoff starting to kick into gear now, it’s clear that the “worst heroes ever” are here for the long run, and that’s quite alright with us. We’ll be the first to admit that Ayer’s film had issues, but there were enough bright spots in it that we’re looking forward not only to this new Extended Cut, but also to seeing how Warner Bros. and DC develop the property further.

A bonafide sequel is all but confirmed at this point, and while it’ll probably be some time before we see these characters back on the big screen again, we’re pretty confident that when they do return, it’ll be in a much improved state. Or at least, we hope.

Suicide Squad will blast its Extended Cut onto Digital HD on November 15th, and onto Blu-ray on December 13th – the only question that remains is, will you be giving the film another chance? Sound off below and let us know!