The Rock shares audience eruption from ‘Black Adam’ screening

black adam dwayne johnson
Image via Warner Bros.

Warning: This article contains massive spoilers for Black Adam.

To celebrate the release of DC’s Black AdamDwayne Johnson shared a clip of the audience screaming at the theater due to the film’s ending. Black Adam‘s end credit scene took audiences by storm as the big reveal has fans excited about what’s to come in the DCEU.

Johnson released a clip on Twitter of the audience’s reaction that originated from Instagram user @captain.nanoo.baggins. Despite it not being available yet in theaters in America, the film came out in theaters in a few countries, one of which is France. He was pleased with the audience’s reaction to the film’s ending and announced that Black Adam opened at number one in a few countries during its first day.

Black Adam was promoted as “the superhero to change the power hierarchy of DC.” From there, both fans and Johnson hoped that Superman would make an appearance, in the hope the two would duke it out to prove each other’s strength. At the same time, fans also wished Henry Cavill would return to the DCEU since Superman has only made headless cameos in recent DC projects such as Shazam!.

It was reported that Johnson fought for Black Adam‘s end credit scene for six years as he’s wanted to see his character fight Superman since the film’s production, and also give something back to the fans. While there were rumors and speculation about a possible appearance, it was eventually confirmed during Black Adam‘s red-carpet interview.

Black Adam is scheduled for release in the USA on Oct. 21, 2022.