Warner Bros. Might Cancel The Flash Movie After Ezra Miller Choking Video

The Flash

The disturbing video of Ezra Miller appearing to choke a woman looks like it’s going to have major consequences for his career and future projects. Since it emerged on Monday, Variety contacted the owner of the bar where the video was shot. He confirmed some details, described what happened as “a serious altercation” and said that the “upset and angry” star was forcibly escorted off the premises by staff.

Since then, fans have been demanding that Warner Bros. recast the Flash, but now it’s looking like the studio may cancel the movie altogether. The Lords of the Long Box’s resident scooper Mikey Sutton is claiming that the studio is taking the video extremely seriously. Apparently, they’re currently conducting their own investigation into Miller’s behavior and, depending on what they conclude, may write off the whole project.

This might not be such a hard call for them to make, either. We’ve recently heard rumblings that Warner Bros. are eager to move past the Zack Snyder era and the sole reason they were excited about The Flash was that its story would let them reshuffle the DCEU continuity. But the project has been a headache for the studio for years, with scheduling issues, script problems and directors coming and going. On top of that, since the video emerged, we’ve heard whispers from people who’ve worked with Miller that this behavior is not that out of character for him.

Fans want the Arrowverse Flash, Grant Gustin, to take over, but I think that’s unlikely. What’ll probably happen is that the project will be moved to the back of the development queue at Warner Bros., who’ll likely have another stab at adapting the character for the screen in the mid-2020s. In the meantime, fans await some kind of official statement from either the studio or Miller himself, who’s been laying low all week.