WB Reportedly Wants The Mortal Kombat Franchise To Run For As Long As Possible

Mortal Kombat

Since being released a few weeks ago, Mortal Kombat has provided a solid success for Warner Bros., both in terms of streaming and box office impact, and has been well received by fans. We’ve recently heard about plans to go ahead with a sequel, but it appears that WB want the franchise to run for as long as possible. At least, that’s according to insider Daniel Richtman.

It certainly wouldn’t be a surprise that they want to make the most of Mortal Kombat, considering that the plot of the first movie established a ton of potential storylines, including actually showing the tournament of the title. Indeed, we heard several days ago that the studio are reportedly very pleased with the picture’s performance, with its $22.5 million opening weekend and international sales allowing it to make back its $55 million in production costs.

Given this enthusiasm, a Mortal Kombat 2 probably isn’t too far away from getting an official confirmation, and there’s already been lots of talk about what the sequel could involve, including it being even bloodier than the initial film. In addition, the follow-up may include a more ensemble-based approach to its story, and might also be set to explore the origins of the titular contest.

Looking to the future, and Warner Bros.’ apparent confidence in the property is already leading to reports that we could be getting spinoff titles featuring the likes of Raiden or a female-led adventure. Furthermore, we might be receiving a television series based within the world of Mortal Kombat on HBO Max, which would presumably allow the producers to retain the gore and the fatalities of the feature film. Throw in the chance of casting big names like Ryan Reynolds, and we may be seeing an even more spectacular take on the fighting games in the sequels.

What do you think should happen with the franchise going forward, though? As ever, let us know your thoughts down below.