Wonder Woman Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray Revealed


It should come as no surprise that Wonder Woman continues to dominate at the box office, especially when you consider that the Amazon Princess’ first solo outing on the big screen has been applauded by both critics and moviegoers alike. And while many of you will probably be flocking back to theaters for subsequent viewings, it doesn’t hurt to begin talking about the home video release.

As it turns out, Amazon is already taking pre-orders on special commemorative editions of the flick, each including an incredible statue depicting Gal Gadot as the iconic superheroine that would make a fine addition to the shelves of any fan willing to hand over enough dough. When it comes to price, it’s worth noting that it’ll run $129.99, affirming that the collectible is mostly responsible for the hefty price tag.

It’s also worth pointing out that two separate pieces of cover art have been displayed by Amazon US and Amazon UK, with the former depicting Diana with sword overhead and the latter showing her deflecting a bullet with her bracelet. The difference could simply be a regional thing, but if you look closer, the American listing is for a Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack, while the European one is for a Blu-ray 3D and Blu-ray Combo Pack. Thus, it stands to reason that we could see both covers on either side of the pond.

As of now, this collector’s edition of Wonder Woman lacks a concrete release date, but we’ll bring you more information once it’s made available. Yes, the UK listing does say December 31, but that’s very obviously a placeholder date.

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