A Familiar MCU Villain Will Reportedly Cameo In WandaVision


This Friday brings the biggest television event of the year so far, as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s WandaVision unleashes its ninth and final episode. There are still plenty of plot threads to tie up, and if that infernal ‘Please Stand By’ screen appears without the narrative drawing to a satisfying conclusion, there are going to be a lot of angry Disney Plus subscribers.

That’s provided they can watch it on schedule, of course, with the app crashing two weeks in a row as viewers flock to WestView in their droves. The series has been providing a lot more questions than it has answers, which is par for the course when reality itself plays such a pivotal role in the story, and even with one episode left, it’s impossible to try and predict how things are going to conclude.

Obviously, that hasn’t stopped the internet from trying to figure it out, with countless theories making the rounds on an almost daily basis. We’re still waiting to find out exactly who the top secret cameo regularly teased by Paul Bettany is going to be, but a new rumor claims to offer up that information.

Reported plot leaks for the eighth and ninth episodes were said to have been revealed online, and while they’ve been massively wide of the mark in most aspects, there are a couple of things that they got spot on. Therefore, there’s every reason to believe that at least a couple of details are accurate, and you can check out the purported spoilers below, which claim that none other than Mordo will be showing up.

WandaVision ties directly into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, so it’s reasonable to expect at least one character from the sequel to appear, but we’ll just have to wait and find out if this week’s leak is closer to the truth than the last.