First Flash Season 7 Poster Teases The Scarlet Speedster’s Return

The Flash

DC fans are in for a bit of a wait until the various Arrowverse shows return to our screens, as the pandemic has forced The CW to push back much of its major programming until the winter 2021 season. But the important thing is that all your favorite heroes will be back, just a few months’ later than usual, as this Flash promo poster teases.

Coming hot on the heels of a batch of Arrowverse posters encouraging folks to wear face masks, this new piece of marketing material features the love of the Scarlet Speedster’s life, Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton), against a backdrop of comic book panels. “Coming 2021,” reads the tagline.

It’s fitting that this poster showcases Iris, as The Flash left the Central City Citizen reporter in a shocking situation. Iris has been trapped in the Mirror Dimension throughout season 6B and, due to the season wrapping up earlier than expected thanks to filming being shut down, the impromptu finale ended with Barry unable to rescue his wife. The last we saw of her, there were even signs that Iris might be becoming another Mirror Master.

Once Iris does get back into the real world, there’ll be some tension in her marriage, as per showrunner Eric Wallace’s tease. Wallace has also discussed how season 6 ending sooner than expected has forced the writers to reshape season 7, with the EP promising lots of “narrative unpredictability” next year which he hopes will make it an even more exciting watch.

Remember, Hartley Sawyer won’t be returning in season 7 following his firing over some resurfaced offensive tweets, though we’re not sure if this means the character of Ralph Dibny is being written out or if Sawyer is to be replaced with a new actor. In fact, there are a lot of things we don’t know about what’s going to happen on The Flash when it eventually returns, but we’ve certainly got a long time to get some theories going.