Lucifer Writers Tease A Long Wait For Season 5B


Lucifer fans are used to playing the waiting game, but right now things are getting silly. In August 2020, the long-awaited fifth run began airing on Netflix and was an instant smash hit. The new episodes went down a storm with viewers and critics, though the season ended midway through with a cliffhanger that left us wanting more. At the time, many assumed that the second half would arrive by the end of 2020, but we’re now nearly a month into 2021 and still nothing.

In fact, there’s been absolutely no information whatsoever on when the show is scheduled to return, despite 5B apparently being almost complete and filming on season 6 having already begun. Fans are becoming antsy, too, and now the official Lucifer Writers Room Twitter account has said that even they don’t know when to expect the next batch of episodes.

The only sneak peek we have so far comes courtesy of two very quick clips, one from the 5B episode “Family Dinner” and another from the highly anticipated musical outing. Other than that, the show’s official Twitter has made an oblique tease that God will be a key character in the next few installments, which will feed directly into the grand finale of season 6.

Fortunately, the Lucifer fanbase are one of the most chilled out communities online. Practically every response to the tweet says that they appreciate the updates, that they know it’s difficult to work during COVID-19 and that they’re happy to be patient. In addition, everyone wants the remaining episodes to be perfect and if they need more time, then the production staff should get it.

Still, let’s hope we receive a release date sooner rather than later. Netflix tends not to announce things too far out, but I’m thinking Lucifer season 5B will be here by March at the latest.