Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Ashley Eckstein Reveals If Ahsoka’s Still A Jedi

Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka Tano, while definitely a fan favorite character, didn’t have much to do in Star Wars: The Clone Wars other than fighting alongside Anakin as his Padawan and sidekick, but the final season of Dave Filoni’s hit animated series has changed that for good.

Fans have always unanimously agreed that Snips was a great addition to the Clone Wars era, but the fact that we didn’t see her in any other Star Wars stories, especially Revenge of the Sith and what came after it in the Original Trilogy, made us wonder about where her character really ended up after Order 66. Well, Rebels somehow answered that question by depicting a much older Ahsoka Tano, who helped the crew of Ghost in their fight against the Empire.

When the Mouse House revived The Clone Wars for a final 12-episode run, we knew that Ahsoka would return and also play a huge role in the Siege of Mandalore story arc. In the past couple of episodes, we’ve seen a different side to the former Jedi Warrior in her reluctance to use the Force or reveal that she was once a member of the Order. Of course, the young Tano is still a badass character who helps everyone in need, but does that mean that she’s a Jedi?

Even in Rebels, Ahsoka refused to acknowledge the fact that she was once a Jedi, but what does Ashley Eckstein, the voice actress behind the character, think about this?

Eckstein, in a recent interview to promote her upcoming children’s book, I Am a Padawan, tried to tackle the question by saying:

“That’s a great question. I’m gonna preface this by saying this is just my opinion and how I define it because all story questions definitely should go to Dave Filoni. Sometimes when I say stuff people think like, oh that’s it she knows stuff and it’s scanned in and truly this is just my opinion but in my opinion, Ahsoka was trained in the Jedi Temple, Jedi are supposed to be keepers of the peace, you know peacekeepers, and they’re supposed to help people and do good and bring hope and Ahsoka takes that very seriously and she walked away from the Jedi order because her trust was broken and she no longer kind of believed and she knew what she believed but she no longer believed that they stood for that after what happened to her.”

So, even though Ahsoka has left the Jedi Order, she still stands for what’s good and right, and it’ll be interesting to see her stand up to Darth Maul in the remaining episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Disney Plus.

Tell us, though, what do you make of this character development? Is being a Jedi just in the name, or is it something more than that? Sound off with your opinions in the comments below.