Stargirl Star Looking Forward To More Arrowverse Crossovers


Stargirl was arguably one of the underrated hits of 2020, delivering a solid DC television experience that moved away from the main Arrowverse setting without completely disregarding it. The series returned to our screens this week on The CW, and star Brec Bassinger is looking forward to seeing more Arrowverse crossovers after it was revealed that John Wesley Shipp is going to turn up as Jay Garrick in a future episode.

Speaking to, Bassinger had this to say:

“I’m freaking pumped. I booked the show three years ago, the first thing people told me, ‘Oh, you might get to crossover.’ And not only that, there’ve been a couple of conversations where there’ve been like talks of me going on other shows and crossing over and nothing has panned out. And I’m just like so excited. So, when Geoff [Johns, series creator] told me, I was just excited to have someone else on our show because we have so much on Stargirl now. I always want to welcome that to anyone and everyone, but opening that door, I was like, ‘Well, it’s about time.'”

While developed for the ill-fated DC Universe, Stargirl ended up on the streaming platform and The CW, with the character Courtney Whitmore initially appearing in a cameo at the end of the Arrowverse’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event. The first season of Stargirl then explored the legacy of the Justice Society of America, including familiar faces from Earth-Two and modern updates of characters like Hourman and Wildcat.

We heard back in January that The CW wanted there to be increased connections between Stargirl‘s post-Crisis Earth-Two and Earth-Prime, which is now the home of the core CW programs. In addition, Bassinger has previously expressed an interest in working with Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl, although this is unlikely as her series is wrapping up this year.

For the moment, then, we have Wesley Shipp’s version of The Flash as part of the Earth-Two JSA, having earlier been based on Earth-Three when introduced in other CW crossovers. The recently launched second season also features Eclipso as a new villain, as well as Shade, Thunderbolt, and Jakeem Thunder, with the premiere introducing “Green Lantern’s daughter” and the after-effects of the battle with the Injustice Society of America.

Given that the Arrowverse is currently undergoing a transitional period, with questions still remaining about The Flash and a potential team-up special prevented by COVID-19 filming restrictions, it may be a while before we get significant continuity between Stargirl and other shows. What’s perhaps more likely, then, is that we’ll get additional back-story on the Earth-Two JSA, as well as the Seven Soldiers of Victory.