Vincent D’onofrio wants another of his ‘Daredevil’ co-stars to return in the MCU


Kevin Feige delighted Marvel fans everywhere this week with his confirmation that Charlie Cox’s Daredevil will return to the MCU. As well as the fans, his co-star and on-screen nemesis Vincent D’Onofrio was also excited about the news, with the Kingpin actor revealing that he was “so happy” to hear that Cox is getting the chance to do more with Matt Murdock following the cancellation of his Netflix series.

But D’Onofrio has since championed another of his DD co-stars, kicking off the campaign to get them back in the MCU, too. Several hours after his initial reaction to the Cox news, D’Onofrio reshared the same article and this time added a shout-out to Karen Page actress Deborah Ann Woll. “Let’s not forget about @DeborahAnnWoll and the depth she brought to the character of Karen Page,” the star wrote, going on to call Karen an “incredible Marvel character.”

Fans concurred with D’Onofrio’s praise of Woll, with one fan posting one of the actress’ finest performances in the show, which happened to come in a scene she shared with Wilson Fisk. The moment took place in season 3, when Karen finally confessed to the Kingpin that she killed his number two, James Wesley.

This isn’t the first time D’Onofrio has championed his co-star. Back in April 2020, Woll made the shocking admission that she had struggled to find any acting work since the end of Daredevil. D’Onofrio responded in outrage to the news on Twitter, writing that “she can play any part” and called her “one of the greatest scene partners of my career” as well as “a gift to storytelling.” Woll, meanwhile, has revealed she’s willing to return to the MCU, even pitching her own idea that Karen could join S.H.I.E.L.D.

While we wait to see if Woll could reprise Karen at some point, you may want to watch both Hawkeye and Spider-Man: No Way Home for some major Daredevil connections.